Privacy Policy
  1. General provisions
This privacy policy describes the practices of personal data processing and protection used by MedBusinessAcademy.
1. MedBusinessAcademy values the right of an individual to privacy of personal data and personal life and considers it one of the requirements for conducting business.
2. This Privacy Policy is applied to any and all information that MedBusinessAcademy may collect about the users of the website https://medbusinessacademy.com.
2. Terms and definitions
1. Automated personal data processing: processing personal data using computer tools;
2. Blocking personal data: temporarily ceasing the processing of personal data (except in the cases where such processing is required for refinement of personal data);
3. Website: the collection of graphical and informational materials provided at the internet address https://medbusinessacademy.com, as well as software programs and databases required for the availability of these materials;
4. Information system of personal data: the collection of personal data stored in the databases, as well as the information technologies and tools used for its processing;
5. Personal data anonymization: actions leading to the impossibility of attributing personal data to a specific User or other personal data subject without additional information;
6. Personal data processing: any action (operation) or a series of actions (operations) performed with or without automation means on personal data, including collecting, recording, organizing, storing, refining (updating, changing), extracting, using, transferring (distributing, providing, accessing), anonymizing, blocking, deleting, erasing personal data.
7. Personal data: any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific User of the website https://medbusinessacademy.com;
8. User: any individual viewing the website https://medbusinessacademy.com;
9. Providing personal data: actions directed at disclosing personal data to a specified individual or a number of specified individuals;
10. Distribution of personal data: actions directed at providing personal data to any number of unspecified individuals (transferring personal data) or disclosing personal data to any number of unspecified individuals, including public disclosure in media resources, publishing it in informational or communication outlets and providing any other way to access personal data;
11. International transfer of personal data: providing personal data to an individual, company or authority in a different country;
12. Erasure of personal data: any actions leading to complete and irreversible destruction of personal data in the information system of personal data with no possibility of later recovery, and/or physical destruction of the devices where the personal data is stored.
3. MedBusinessAcademy may process the following personal data of the User:
1. full name;
2. email address(es);
3. phone number(s);
4. the website also collects and processes anonymized user data (including cookies) using web analytics services (Google Analytics and others);
the aforementioned data is referred to as Personal Data.
4. Purposes of personal data processing
1. User’s personal data is processed for the purposes of informing the User through emails; providing the User with access to the services, information and/or materials contained in the website; consulting the User regarding the company’s products.
2. MedBusinessAcademy may also sent the User notifications regarding new products and services, special promotions and various events. The User may always decline receiving informational messages by sending an email to mail@medbusinessacademy.com with “Unsubscribe” in the Subject line.
3. Anonymized personal data of the Users collected with the use of web analytics services is used to gather information about the actions of the website’s Users and improve the quality of the website and its contents.
5. Legal basis of processing personal data
1. MedBusinessAcademy processes the User’s personal data only if it is filled in and/or sent by the User through special forms located at https://medbusinessacademy.com. By filling in the forms and/or sending their personal data to MedBusinessAcademy, the User expresses their agreement with this Privacy Policy.
2. MedBusinessAcademy processes anonymized data about the User if this action is permitted by the User’s browser settings (i.e. saving cookies and using JavaScript is allowed).
6. Procedure of collecting, storing, transferring and otherwise processing personal data
The personal data processed by MedBusinessAcademy is safeguarded using legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fulfill all legislative regulations regarding the protection of personal data.
1. MedBusinessAcademy safeguards personal data and takes any possible measures to prevent access to personal data by unauthorized third parties.
2. The User’s personal data may not under any circumstances be provided to third parties. except for cases related to enforcing legislation.
3. If the User find their personal data to be inaccurate, they may update the data by sending an email to mail@medbusinessacademy.com with the subject “Updating personal data”.
4. The term of processing personal data is unlimited. The User may revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data by sending an email to mail@medbusinessacademy.com with the subject “Revoke of consent to the processing of personal data”.
7. International transfer of personal data
1. Before transferring personal data internationally, MedBusinessAcademy must ensure that the foreign country into whose territory the data is being transferred is implementing measures for safeguarding the rights of the subjects of personal data.
2. If the target country does not meet the above requirements, personal data may be transferred into its territory only in the case of the personal data subject’s written approval and/or the performance of a contract to which the personal data subject is a party.
8. Final provisions
1. The User may receive any consultations on the matters relating to the processing of their personal data by contacting MedBusinessAcademy by email at mail@medbusinessacademy.com.
2. This document will reflect any changes to the Privacy Policy of MedBusinessAcademy. This Policy remains in force indefinitely until it is superseded by a newer version of it.
3. An up-to-date version of the Policy is freely accessible at https://medbusinessacademy.com.
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