SCRIPTS (Conversation Scenarios)
for Front Desk Administrators of Aesthetic Medicine Clinics
Practical Guide to Building Effective Sales
  • For beauty companies
If your front desk administrators:
  • Can't or won't sell service packages and home care products
  • Can't handle your customers' objections, especially ones like "It's too expensive" or "I'll think about it"
  • Fail to schedule customers for return visits
  • Convert at most 30-50% of incoming calls from new customers into scheduled visits
These scripts are for you!
Thanks to these scripts
your administrators will learn to
  • Turn leads into scheduled visits
    Schedule 9 out of 10 callers
  • Sell more
    Sell package programs and home care products gently but effectively
  • Work with difficult customers
    Find out how to communicate with upset clients
  • Handle objections
    Handle even the most difficult objections, such as "It's too expensive" and "I'll think about it"
  • Work with first-time customers
    Easily connect with a first-time client
  • Work with "dormant" customers
    Call "dormant" customers and schedule them for services
  • Offer related services
    Sell additional related services and recommend all of your center's specialists
  • Schedule return visits
    Easily and IMMEDIATELY schedule customers for repeating services
As a result:
  • You will not only increase the number of new patients, but turn them into loyal customers;
  • You will increase your average check and multiply your profits;
  • Your clinic will become famous for its quality of service;
  • You will forget about "seasonality," since you will have a constant flow of new clients!
All you need
is adjust the scripts to your clinic and start using them.
You will see immediate results!
The scripts include:
Introduction. Administrator's reference sheet
— Phone call reference sheet
Outgoing calls
Phrases and expressions to use with customers
Patient enters the clinic. Sequence of actions
— Patient walks in. Administrator's reference sheet
Example conversation script "Potential patients"
— "Working with first-time patients" script
— "The patient is here, but the specialist is running late" script
— "The customer is paying for the procedure" script
— "New special" script
— "Selling an additional service" script
— "Additional sales options" script
— Working with patients' objections
— "Objection types" script
— "Calling first-time patients" script
— "Dormant patients" script
— "Closing the sale" script or how to help the patient make the right choice
— Anti-service phrases to never use with a patient. Alternative phrases
—"Handling conflict situations" script
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Author and Developer
Larisa Berdnikova
Business coach, owner of an aesthetic medicine clinic LaraMedClinic and consulting companies ArtMediConsult and MedBusinessAcademy.
Business coach, an expert in administrative marketing, management, and increasing revenue for medical, dental and beauty companies;

Creator and owner of several businesses: aesthetic medicine clinic LaraMedClinic, consulting company ArtMediConsult, MedBusinessAcademy, the MED BEAUTY ACADEMY project

22 years of experience owning and managing a business, 11 years in medical business;

Owner of an aesthetic medicine clinic and a Doctor of Medicine. Currently she teaches management and administration, delivers practical training and coaching, consults medical and dental clinics and beauty companies;

Author of the books Valuable Employee: Find and Keep; Anti-Crisis Management of a Clinic or Salon from A to Z; a marketing manual for the service industry How to Take Customers from Strong Competitors, and other practical guides on service and sales;

Creator of more than 85 original training programs and courses.
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