A training program for owners and managers of medical clinics, dental offices and medical spas
The Basics Of Clinic Income Management
Building Systems For Sales And Employee Motivation Based On Results
The Basics Of Clinic Income Management
When patient activity and global or local living standards fall
it becomes more important than ever to raise each individual employee's effectiveness and constantly work on increasing sales, income, and service quality. At the same time, many executives note that
  • Customers and patients are increasingly more difficult to attract, requiring significant time and money invested;
  • Patient traffic is low or insufficient, doctors often sit around with empty schedules yet do nothing on their own to get appointments and increase their income;
  • Patients have become more demanding of service and quality;
  • Employees are not motivated, and income is not growing.

The best path is to work on employee effectiveness and increase sales by training your staff on "soft" sales and the basics of service communication with patients. And by building a motivation system based on KPI.

The training program includes:
Module 1.
Operational management and handling personnel
  • How do you monitor clinic indicators and respond to the overall situation before it's too late? Methods for personnel control and operational management.
  • Optimizing your payroll fund and implementing KPI-based pay. How do you build a system for motivating providers which would make them work with maximum effectiveness and keep you from spending a fortune on payroll? Creating a just and favorable motivation system.
Module 2.
Implementing a sales system and increasing clinic profitability
  • The sales and marketing funnel. The patient's path from a potential customer to a VIP. How do you focus on those patients who bring you the most income?
  • Loyalty and customer retention programs. The system for "bringing back" patients. How can you increase the number of patients re-signing and plan your appointments for several months in advance?
  • How do you train your staff to sell? Simple tools that bring fast results.
  • The rules of impeccable service and the system for increasing patient loyalty.

Business coach and program creator

Larisa Berdnikova
Business coach, owner of an aesthetic medicine clinic LaraMedClinic and consulting companies ArtMediConsult and MedBusinessAcademy.
Business coach, an expert in administrative marketing, management, and increasing revenue for medical, dental and beauty companies;

Creator and owner of several businesses: aesthetic medicine clinic LaraMedClinic, consulting company ArtMediConsult, MedBusinessAcademy, the MED BEAUTY ACADEMY project

22 years of experience owning and managing a business, 11 years in medical business;

Owner of an aesthetic medicine clinic and a Doctor of Medicine. Currently she teaches management and administration, delivers practical training and coaching, consults medical and dental clinics and beauty companies;

Author of the books Valuable Employee: Find and Keep; Anti-Crisis Management of a Clinic or Salon from A to Z; a marketing manual for the service industry How to Take Customers from Strong Competitors, and other practical guides on service and sales;

Creator of more than 85 original training programs and courses.

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